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Berlin/Rosenheim - Zigaretten sind in der ZDF-Serie "Die Rosenheim-Cops" tabu.Die Sendung ist deshalb mit einem besonderen Siegel ausgezeichnet worden.But when the budget ax comes down on their department—aided by Marisa Coughlan, the decidedly competent female police officer left out of the corruption loop—they come through to make a big drug bust and earn a promotion. Cops crashed cars into trash cans, took pictures with murder victims, drew Egyptian hieroglyphics next to chalk outlines, and offered ridiculous advice to a mother wondering how to tell her child about a slain father.

Anyone who disagrees will have to explain how Warner Bros. Big cases tend to be taken away from the deputies, usually with good reason.

Karl Johnson’s constable is nearly incomprehensible and appears to be a good three decades past retirement age, while Kevin Eldon and Olivia Colman are less interested in being a cop than they are describing their perfect Sunday to the local paper and gleefully spouting cheeky innuendos, respectively. That leaves him ill equipped to deal with contemporary crime, but he’s still considerably better off than his plainclothes counterpart, David Haig’s Derek Grim, who is convinced he’s policing the roughest neighborhoods of New York or Los Angeles instead of a sleepy suburb.

But all is not as it seems in Sandford, and, in the movie’s gloriously insane climax, they prove to be formidable allies as Nicholas finally opens their eyes to what’s really going on in their beloved town. Inspector Gadget (1983-1986)Most of the time, Metro City’s finest cyborg police officer manages to save the day only in the most technical of senses. The rest of the station’s cops are mostly varying shades of moron, and much of the comedy in the show’s 14 episodes comes from their complete inability to get through Fowler’s daily briefing sessions without several inane tangents.

But in the big-screen adaptation of the show, the deputies find themselves in charge of policing Miami when a biological-weapons attack traps the nation’s police departments in a convention center.

Although the deputies spend a good deal of time partying and trying to pick up members of the opposite sex, they also manage to find the perpetrator of the attack, snag the antidote to the bio weapon, and break up a drug ring.

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Their ingenious and hilarious pranks are too numerous to count, from shoving a rookie in a locker and covering him with shaving cream to posing as a speeder to drag officers into a high-speed chase.

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