Datarow rowstate not updating dating websites for geeks

Datarow rowstate not updating

I've verified the Accept Changes procedure of trow New Row is not explicitly being called by any of my code.I have tried the following: 1.) Calling the End Edit procedure of trow New Row 2.) Manually performing a Write Value on the combo boxes 3.) Calling the End Current Edit procedure on the combo boxes' Binding Manager Base objects 4.)Every combination of the above Thank you in advance for any ideas or solutions.If the Row State of the row was Added or Modified, the Row State becomes Unchanged.If the Row State was Deleted, the row is removed." Keep in mind that Accept Changes will *not* revert the fields to their original values and *will* remove the Data Row from the rows collection if the Row State is Deleted.Basically, what I need to do is update a record in my datatable without knowing what the row index is.So I get the row index by searching the value in the columns of the datatable.In other words, you are doing exactly what the Data Adapter does when you call Update, but *without* actually updating the database.If you really want "undo" functionality then you should use Reject Changes instead.

If the rowstate is Added it means the dataadapter hasnt updated the database yet.After the user submits the changes by clicking an OK button, a procedure is triggered to evaluate whether or not a change was actually performed.The best way I thought to do this was by checking the Row State of trow New Row.Since it is a newrow, it remains a new row (no matter how many edits/changes there are) until you save for tracking changes since the last save to the database.

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