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11 Oxygen Sensor 12 Intake air flow sensor 13 Intake temperature sensor 14 Throttle position sensor 15 ISC motor position sensor 21 Engine coolant temperature sensor2621 22 Crankshaft position sensor 23 Camshaft position sensor 24 Vehicle speed sensor 25 Barometric pressure sensor 31 Knock sensor 41 Injector circuit 42 Fuel pump relay 43 EGR sensor 44 Ignition coil 36 Ignition circuit P0011 V.

B1494 F ABG(2)PS active circuit short B1495 F ABG(2)PS active circuit open B1496 Control unit B1497 EEPROM B1498 Control unit B1499 Control unit collision decision B1500 RR curtain ABG squib short B1501 RR curtain ABG squib open B1502 RR curtain ABG squib grounding B1503 RR curtain ABG squib BAT B1504 RR curtain ABG active circuit SH B1505 RR curtain ABG active circuit OP B1506 position SW open B1507 position SW short to GND B1508 position SW short to BAT B1509 Wrong installation of ECU B1510 RL curtain ABG squib short B1511 RL curtain ABG squib open B1512 RL curtain ABG squib grounding B1513 RL curtain ABG squib BAT B1514 RL curtain ABG active circuit SH B1515 RL curtain ABG active circuit OP B1516 position SW open B1517 position SW short to GND B1518 position SW short to BAT B1519 Connector lock B1520 DR.buckle SW fault B1521 DR.buckle SW open for N.

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P1232 Fail-safe control system P1400 EGR monitor P1403 EGR valve P1602 ECU communication P1603 Battery backup line system P1624 Injection pump Q adjust ROM P1630 Variant coding errors P1700 Clutch position error P1705 Clutch actuator error P1710 Malfunction of clutch actuator P1715 Clutch disengage P1720 Clutch torque t/m capacity loss P1725 Clutch wear limit exceeded P1730 Engine torque limitation P1735 Clutch safety function P1740 Clutch reserve P1800 Automated-M/T fail(relay OFF) P1801 Automated-M/T Fail(relay ON) P1802 Automated-M/T Fail(CLT.bridge) P1803 Automated-M/T Fail(gear bridge) P1805 Brake signal error(SRC Up) P1806 Brake signal error(SRC Lo) P1807 Brake signal error(signal) P1808 Brake signal error(plausibility) P1810 Brake signal short,malfunction P1812 Brake signal error(signal loss) P1813 Brake signal error P1815 Correlation:shift drum #1 SNS. not programmed B1762 IOD fuse not seated fully B1763 Lighting switch B1764 Wiper switch B1765 ECU fuse B1766 Already learned by other vehicle B1767 CAN/LIN/SWS converter internal B1900 Rheostat line open B1901 Communication error of compass B1A00 KOS key1 internal error B1A01 KOS key2 internal error B1A02 KOS key3 internal error B1A03 KOS key4 internal error B1A04 Keyless/KOS key 5 internal error B1A05 Keyless/KOS key 6 internal error B1A06 Keyless/KOS key 7 internal error B1A07 Keyless/KOS key 8 internal error B1A08 KOS key1 performance B1A09 KOS key2 performance B1A0A KOS key3 performance B1A0B KOS key4 performance B1A0C Keyless/KOS key 5 performance B1A0D Keyless/KOS key 6 performance B1A0E Keyless/KOS key 7 performance B1A0F Keyless/KOS key 8 performance B1A10 KOS key1 low battery B1A11 KOS key2 low battery B1A12 KOS key3 low battery B1A13 KOS key4 low battery B1A14 Keyless/KOS key 5 low battery B1A15 Keyless/KOS key 6 low battery B1A16 Keyless/KOS key 7 low battery B1A17 Keyless/KOS key 8 low battery B2400 KOS key registration fail B2401 KOS key ID not registered B2402 comm.(system ID) B2403 comm.(CRC) B2404 comm.(function code) B2405 comm.(rolling code) B2406 comm.(PTC operate) B2407 comm.(EEPROM) B2408 comm.(solenoid) B2409 comm.(No response) B240A FR antenna(outdoor) open B240B FL antenna(outdoor) open B240C Tail gate antenna(outdoor) open B240D Front antenna(indoor) open B240E RR antenna(indoor) open B240F RL antenna(indoor) open B2410 Rear antenna(indoor) open B2411 Lock/unlock SW fail B2412 LF antenna power voltage B2413 power voltage B2414 Unlock sensor fail B2415 RA module power voltage B2416 ECU internal error B2801 Power voltage too high B2802 Power voltage too low B2811 Logic voltage too high B2812 Logic voltage too low B2821 Pump motor TEMP. SNSR: SHT to GND B2831 ECU internal (RAM) B2832 ECU internal (ROM) B2833 ECU internal (TEMP. ABG indicator circuit short B1208 LCD heater B1209 Test mode B1610 Auto light sensor low B1611 Auto light sensor high B16A0 Tail lamp(RH) circuit open B16A1 Tail lamp(LH) circuit open B16A2 Turn signal(LH) bulb outage B16A3 Turn signal(LH) circuit short B16A4 Turn signal(RH) bulb outage B16A5 Turn signal(RH) circuit short B16A6 Turn signal fuse blown B16A7 Tail lamp(RH) circuit short B16A8 Tail lamp(LH) circuit short B1A08 Keyless/KOS key1 performance B1A09 Keyless/KOS key2 performance B1A0A Keyless/KOS key3 performance B1A0B Keyless/KOS key4 performance B1A0C Keyless key 5 performance B1A0D Keyless key 6 performance B1A0E Keyless key 7 performance B1A0F Keyless key 8 performance B1A10 Keyless/KOS key 1 low battery B1A11 Keyless/KOS key 2 low battery B1A12 Keyless/KOS key 3 low battery B1A13 Keyless/KOS key 4 low battery B1A14 Keyless key 5 low battery B1A15 Keyless key 6 low battery B1A16 Keyless key 7 low battery B1A17 Keyless key 8 low battery B1A24 Transponder ID not registered B1A25 Transponder ID unmatched B1A28 ENG.

B1603 DR pretensioner squib short B1604 DR pretensioner squib open B1605 DR pretensioner squib grounding B1606 DR pretensioner squib BAT B1607 DR circuit short B1608 DR circuit open B1609 PS pretensioner squib short B1610 PS pretensioner squib open B1611 PS pretensioner squib grounding B1612 PS pretensioner squib BAT B1613 PS circuit short B1614 PS circuit open B1615 F ABG electronic safing B1616 F ABG safing G sensor fail B1617 Roll rate sensor failure B1618 Z axis low G Sensor failure B1699 Collective deployment B1700 Odometer data fail B1701 Intermittent wiper data fail B1702 Transponder read error B1703 Transponder ID unmatched B1704 Auto light sensor open B1705 Auto light sensor short B1706 Flasher fuse blown B1707 Flasher open B1708 Front wiper intermittent B1709 ETACS ECU(EEPROM) B1710 ETACS ECU(ROM) B1711 ETACS ECU(RAM) B1712 Rain sensor fail B1713 Rain auto light sensor fail B1714 Auto light sensor fail B1720 Key battery low B1721 Immobilizer-basestation fail B1722 Immobilizer-antenna fail B1723 Immob-transponder B1724 Mode byte failure in CAN message B1725 Immobilizer-CAN massage fail B1726 Immob-too much challenge receive B1727 Supply voltage B1728 Supply voltage(undervoltage) B1729 Supply voltage(overvoltage) B1730 Immob-transponder B1731 Engine ECU communication timeout B1740 Turn signal(RH) bulb outage B1741 Turn signal(LH) bulb outage B1742 Turn signal switch fail B1743 Hazard lamp fuse blowing out B1744 Hazard button fail B1750 Driver's door status fail B1751 Driver's door(lock) B1752 Driver's door(unlock) B1753 Driver's door(deadunlock) B1760 Coding data mismatch B1761 Chassis No.

oil control valve open P1022 Oil Control Valve 2 P1023 Oil Control Valve 2 open P1210 Throttle valve malfunction P1231 Trustful check A. P1817 Correlation:shift drum#1 sensor P1820 Correlation:shift drum #2 SNS. SNSR.inactive B1020 Air thermo sensor performance B1021 Air thermo sensor low B1022 Air thermo sensor high B1023 Air thermo sensor open B1024 Air thermo sensor inactive B1025 Rear air thermo SNSR.performance B1026 Rear air thermo sensor low B1027 Rear air thermo sensor high B1028 Rear air thermo sensor open B1029 Rear air thermo sensor inactive B1030 Pressure sensor performance B1031 Pressure sensor high B1032 Pressure sensor low B1033 Pressure sensor open B1034 Pressure sensor inactive B1035 R.control TEMP. A/M damper potentio.inactive B1055 Rear air mix damper motor B1056 R. A/M damper travel too large B1060 Air outlet potentio.performance B1061 Air outlet damper B1062 Air outlet damper B1063 Air outlet damper B1064 Air outlet potentio. O B1567 SW OPEN for COM B1568 SW GND for COM B1569 SW COM B1570 SW fault B1571 SW OPEN for N. protection) B2834 ECU internal (reference voltage) B2835 ECU internal (EEPROM) B2836 ECU internal (watchdog) B2837 ECU internal (general error) B2841 Hall sensor power: SHT to BAT B2842 Hall sensor power: SHT to GND B2854 Side latch hall sensor:no signal B2861 PWR.striker hall SNS: SHT to BAT B2862 PWR.striker hall SNS: SHT to GND B2863 PWR.striker hall SNS:no signal B2864 PWR.striker hall SNS: SHT to GND B2871 Pump motor:short to battery B2872 Pump motor:short to ground B2874 Pump motor:open line B2875 Pump motor:over current B2877 Pump motor:low current B2878 Pump motor:not connected B2881 latch motor: SHT to BAT B2882 latch motor: SHT to GND B2884 latch motor:open line B2887 latch motor:overheated B2891 PWR.striker motor:short to BAT B2892 PWR.striker motor:short to GND B2893 PWR.striker motor:unexpect block B2895 PWR.striker motor:over current B2898 PWR.striker motor:not connected B28A1 Side latch motor:short to BAT B28A2 Side latch motor:short to GND B28A3 Side latch motor:unexpect block B28A5 Side latch motor:over current B28A8 Side latch motor:not connected B28B1 FL P/W no response B28B2 FR P/W no response B28B3 RL P/W no response B28B4 RR P/W no response B28B5 FL P/W initialization B28B6 FR P/W initialization B28B7 RL P/W initialization B28B8 RR P/W initialization B28BA FL P/W default B28BB FR P/W default B28BC RL P/W default B28BD RR P/W default B28BF All P/W no response B28C1 Window LIN bus:bit error B28C2 Window LIN bus:checksum error B28C3 Window LIN bus:slave no response B28C4 Window LIN bus:no bus activity B28C5 Window LIN bus:parity error B28C6 Window LIN bus:inconsistent B28D1 Valve01 output:short to battery B28D2 Valve01 output:short to ground B28D4 Valve01 output:open line B28E1 Valve02 output:short to battery B28E2 Valve02 output:short to ground B28E4 Valve02 output:open line B28F1 Window relay output:short to BAT B28F2 Window relay output:short to GND B28F4 Window relay output:open line B2902 Buzzer output:short to ground B2911 F/B trunk status output: SHT-BAT B2912 F/B trunk status output: SHT-GND B2921 PWR.striker retracted: SHT-BAT B2924 PWR.striker retracted:open line B2926 PWR.striker retract:open T/out B2927 PWR.striker retract:open T/out B2928 PWR.striker retract:close T/out B2929 PWR.striker retract:close T/out B292A PWR.striker retracted:open cycle B292B PWR.striker retracted:open cycle B292C PWR.striker retract:close cycle B292D PWR.striker retract:close cycle B2931 Down latch LH open:short to BAT B2934 Down latch LH open:open line B2936 Down latch LH open:open timeout B2937 Down latch LH open:open timeout B2938 Down latch LH open:close timeout B2939 Down latch LH open:close timeout B293A Down latch LH open:open cycle B293B Down latch LH open:open cycle B293C Down latch LH open:close cycle B293D Down latch LH open:close cycle B2941 Down latch RH open:short to BAT B2944 Down latch RH open:open line B2946 Down latch RH open:open timeout B2947 Down latch RH open:open timeout B2948 Down latch RH open:close timeout B2949 Down latch RH open:close timeout B294A Down latch RH open:open cycle B294B Down latch RH open:open cycle B294C Down latch RH open:close cycle B294D Down latch RH open:close cycle B2956 Side latch LH open:open timeout B2957 Side latch LH open:open timeout B2958 Side latch LH open:close timeout B2959 Side latch LH open:close timeout B295A Side latch LH open:open cycle B295B Side latch LH open:open cycle B295C Side latch LH open:close cycle B295D Side latch LH open:close cycle B2966 Side latch RH open:open timeout B2967 Side latch RH open:open timeout B2968 Side latch RH open:close timeout B2969 Side latch RH open:close timeout B296A Side latch RH open:open cycle B296B Side latch RH open:open cycle B296C Side latch RH open:close cycle B296D Side latch RH open:close cycle B2971 Trunklid cylinder open: SHT-BAT B2974 Trunklid cylinder open:open line B2976 Trunklid cylinder open: OP T/out B2977 Trunklid cylinder open: OP T/out B2978 Trunklid cylinder open: CLS T/out B2979 Trunklid cylinder open: CLS T/out B297A Trunklid cylinder open: OP cycle B297B Trunklid cylinder open: OP cycle B297C Trunklid cylinder open: CLS cycle B297D Trunklid cylinder open: CLS cycle B2981 Trunklid cylinder close: SHT-BAT B2984 Trunklid cylinder close: B2986 Trunklid cylinder close: OP T/out B2987 Trunklid cylinder close: OP T/out B2988 Trunklid cylinder close: CL T/out B2989 Trunklid cylinder close: CL T/out B298A Trunklid cylinder close: OP cycle B298B Trunklid cylinder close: OP cycle B298C Trunklid cylinder close: CL cycle B298D Trunklid cylinder close: CL cycle B2991 Main cylinder open:short to BAT B2994 Main cylinder open:open line B2996 Main cylinder open:open timeout B2997 Main cylinder open:open timeout B2998 Main cylinder open:close timeout B2999 Main cylinder open:close timeout B299A Main cylinder open:open cycle B299B Main cylinder open:open cycle B299C Main cylinder open:close cycle B299D Main cylinder open:close cycle B29A1 Main cylinder close:short to BAT B29A4 Main cylinder close:open line B29A6 Main cylinder close:open T/out B29A7 Main cylinder close:open T/out B29A8 Main cylinder close:close T/out B29A9 Main cylinder close:close T/out B29AA Main cylinder close:open cycle B29AB Main cylinder close:open cycle B29AC Main cylinder close:close cycle B29AD Main cylinder close:close cycle B29B1 Door lock signal:short to BAT B29B8 Door lock signal:close cycle B29C1 Door unlock signal:short to BAT B29C6 Door unlock signal:open timeout B29D6 Rear center latch:open timeout B29D7 Rear center latch:open timeout B29D8 Rear center latch:close timeout B29D9 Rear center latch:close timeout B29DA Rear center latch:open cycle B29DB Rear center latch:open cycle B29DC Rear center latch:close cycle B29DD Rear center latch:close cycle B29E3 Key switch signal:long B29E6 Key switch signal:open timeout B29E7 Key switch signal:open timeout B29E8 Key switch signal:close timeout B29E9 Key switch signal:close timeout B29EA Key switch signal:open cycle B29EB Key switch signal:open cycle B29EC Key switch signal:close cycle B29ED Key switch signal:close cycle B29F0 Sequence error:invalid state B29F1 Sequence error:pump current HI B29F3 End of line config. ECU authenticate error B1A35 Transponder read error B1B00 DR.

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