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Born on 16 October 1993, Sari is unable to walk and has to rely on her relatives to push her around in a wheelchair.

Sari also struggles to communicate verbally other than a few simple words and sounds.

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Novelist and screenwriter finds the best places to pick up girls in bars and clubs in the indonesia in area and locals.Suryani said: 'When she saw us use talcum powder, lipstick and hand and body lotion, she asked for them.'When she talks, it's like baby speak, it's not fluent.'Nobody understands what she says, but I understand.'Unable to afford much medical treatment when Sari was a child, Suryanai wasn't able to get assistance or a more concrete diagnosis for her daughter until Sari was 13-years-old.".'When Sari was a baby, I used to take her to the market, and someone asked why does my first child and Sari look so different.'I was sad, so I couldn't answer it.'In spite of her childlike appearance, Sari menstruates every month and asks her mother for lipstick and toiletries.

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